Bucheimer's most popular sap design is the Junior. And no wonder - the Junior possesses a bunch of great features that make it one of the most copied shapes for modern makers. At 8.5" long it fills the hand, leaving a solid, flaring butt which allows for less chance of slipping. The head of the Junior is heavy, and even the lightest tap on the sap face or edge will have an instant effect. Four plys of leather give a wide edge and make the sap sufficiently thick and grippy. The strap is perfectly placed - a hand can be slipped through it for retention, or in a hurry the hand can cover it with no discomfort. Best of all, the strap loops at the bottom and sticks out below the butt - making it easy to get a finger in the loop and pull it out of a pocket quickly and securely. The sap weighs a comfortable 10.3 ozs or 293 grams.