When I designed the MKI it was a process. Due to the unsupported striking edge it took some trial and error to get the right thickness to ensure it would not bend on impact. 3/8" 1018 Cold Rolled Steel is what we settled on. The MKI is extremely comfortable in the hand and should cover all 4 fingers of an average size hand. The striking edge is scalloped for more surface area and the peaks add focus points for impact effectiveness and an option for raking. The palm swell is ergonomic and comfortable to carry or strike. Holes were added for ease of adding scales or grips and have even been filled with glow in the dark resin for a decorative look. As the material is a carbon steel the MKI is cold blued to prevent rust and patinas nicely over time. A stainless version is contemplated for the future.

The MKI is the embodiment of what I consider ideal in a knuckleduster. It is easy to get onto the hand with no individual stalls to fowl and fumble with under pressure. Once on the hand it indexes to the right position for striking, raking or hooking. Just as important, the MKI is easy to shed - if grappling is occurring then the hand may need to get rid of the knuckles quickly or suffer damage or take to much time to shake off. The MKI has a comfortable weight - not light like aluminum or heavy like brass.