We started making these fantastic batons over a decade ago and I am always pleased to hear how well liked they are by anyone who handles them. Based on the British Bobby baton, the Monty is turned beautifully out of aluminum rather than the fairly light wood of the original. The change in materials offers a huge benefit in strength and a feeling of solidness that blows away the wood version. From the beginning the Monty was drilled out at the tip roughly 7 inches and "steps" are machined into the hole walls - this makes for a very secure hold for the lead core that is poured into the hole. The lead cools and shrinks a little so sometimes they rattle a little but there is no problem with it coming detached. While this can be done in a wood baton, the walls end up being thin and possibly weakened by the intense heat. The weighted tip of the Monty delivers devastating blows with no fear of breakage. The handle is really grippy and indexes naturally in the hand. The skull crusher pommel sits above a groove for a strap to be added in needed. Finished in black anodizing, the Monty looks as good as it feels. Some versions have been engraved but I rarely do this anymore so if you have one, it is unique. 

15" Long 950 Grams