Similar in some ways to the MK1 (1018 cold rolled steel, 3/8", open stall) because the MK2 also requires the level of strength needed from the features. The curved T style striking edge is unsupported on the ends and needs to be strong enough to strike and not bend easily. Not sure what it takes to bend the ends but they seem to survive any of the punches I have thrown with it. The curvy, rounded palm brace is comfortable and helps the MK2 slide into the hand, aided by the open side design which allows the hand to wrap the single central post. As the fist closes around the brace it indexes into place and is easy to grip and hold steady. The striking edge covers most or all fingers entirely to protect the hand and offers a broad strike zone. The open ends allow for raking as well. The open design means the MK2 can be easily dropped off the hand to free the fingers for grasping something else or to hide the knuckles. At 3 3/4" at its widest the MK2 is extremely compact, and the steel weight is lighter than brass but heavier than light weight aluminum. Finish is cold-bluing to resist rust and looks amazing. This particular piece was hand engraved prior to bluing and is one of a kind.