The Midget Loaded baton takes the profile, size and shape of the Star 965 Police Club from the early 20th Century (profiled in an earlier post). However that is where the similarities end - the Midget is just as handy as the Star Club but has a solid heft to it and is meant to provide maximum force with its lead loaded tip. The tip of the Midget is bored out 3" and is filled with molten lead. The hole has an additional "step" groove milled into the wall - this groove traps the lead in place as it shrinks slightly when it cools. The baton weighs 315 grams without the lead, 538 grams with the lead. The extra weight at the tip causes greater impact on the target. The baton feels fantastic in the hand and is grippy from the ribs cut into the handle portion. The aluminum material is close to indestructible and unlike wood is unaffected by molten lead being poured into the cavity. The Midget comes in black with a strong anodized finish. Made in North America!