BUCHEIMER Model 700 Leather Blackjack

The delicate-looking Bucheimer 700 Blackjack packs an outsized punch for its diminutive size. Short, elegantly slim and infinitely concealable the 700 is a fantastic anytime carry - it disappears into clothing or bag and the 6oz jack makes it barely noticeable. The retention strap slides up the spring body on a sweet half turkshead knot (probably not called that but it is now) and aids in hiding the overall length. I find I can wrap my hand around the strap and body for a "thicker" grip. The skinny spring makes the body whippy, and can propel the small leather covered lead head at lightning speed. The braided body with stitched cover for the head is a great mix and showcases the leather workers art. A fat turkshead knot for the butt keeps the sliding strap from coming off. This jack should be on any collectors top 10.

7.5" Length (plus strap) 

6 0zs