For years, Dave at D3 made some of the finest Saps available in modern times. Being the consummate leather expert and always looking for a challenge, Dave took on the challenge of making braided leather Blackjacks which are completely different from the saps he makes. The one pictured here is one of his first attempts. 8" long (excluding strap), 294 grams with a stitched head and braided strips to cover the spring. A turkshead knot covers the gap between head cover and body braid. At the butt the strap is firmly attached with tightly wound thin leather thong. The loose, long strap provides retention when looped over the wrist. The coil spring is stiff, likely due to an application of electrical tape wound around the spring under the leather braid - the tape not only stiffens the spring making it less possible get separation from whipping the head back and forth. The tape also helps with moisture penetrating the outer cover and causing the spring to rust from sweat and humidity.