Like the loaded aluminum Midget presented in an earlier post, the SS Midget is based on the Star 965 Police Club from the early 20th Century (profiled in an earlier post). Instead of the lighter aluminum the Stainless Steel makes this version of the Midget Baton MUCH heavier - almost a full Kilogram. The weight is distributed more evenly than the loaded baton which is quite tip heavy. The ball pommel or butt end counterweights the tip somewhat but more importantly it secures the hand grip along with the prominent ribs that allow for excellent grip retention. A hole has been machined into the butt to allow for threading and insertion of a lanyard ring. 

This baton is a crusher, it is almost impossible to strike lightly. It is also virtually indestructible. Just don't drop on your foot!. 

All the batons are excellent for wrist, arm and shoulder rehab workouts.

Available from Classic Impact for $150 Shipped in North America.

972 grams