Todd Foster makes a great sap! Actually he makes several great saps - and if you can get one new or used I suggest you do. The one I have is the model 31 and I purchased it used on USN around 2007. I was aware of Todd's reputation as a fantastic leather worker with a talent for saps and the 31 confirmed it. It is the only sap I have returned to year after year and carried regularly all these years, sometimes once a month but more often days at a time. The shape, size, and weight all contribute to the 31 being my go-to, but 2 things make the difference - first the amazing "feel", that certain something when a tool just fits your hand perfectly, and second, the strap and how it is placed perfectly for my pinky finger to snag it easily our of my back pocket and effortlessly fill my hand. Yes, I have other saps with similar straps. But the 31 is ideal - for me. 

Todd says he got the overall shape of the 31 from the JayPee short slugger and they do share the same profile. The materials and finishing of the 31 are so much nicer and it is hard to put down and even harder not to strike something, either with the flat or the beautiful rounded and burnished edge. Quality shows - after years of riding in my pocket, being handled, dropped and sometimes whacked on a target, the sap still looks amazing.


291 grams