The DALTON WARFIST is amazing for many reasons, but foremost as an early, modern knuckleduster put out at a time when few if any companies were putting out a made in America production brass knuckles and doing it in such style. The WARFIST "HARDRIDE" model shown here is a beautiful, brutal combat tool. Cut from 1/2" brass stock 4.5" wide and weighing 365grams, the WARFIST is on the large side for knuckles. Individual finger stalls allow for large fingers without to much uncomfortable spread - they are surprisingly comfortable. The palm swell or brace could benefit from some curve, but aside from pointyish corners the ergonomics are good. The points on the striking edge are prominent and would be highly effective inflicting damage on a soft target. Decoration consists of DALTON spelled out along the face following the striking edge. Dalton Maltese cross, devil and pentagram sit above the HARD RIDE lettering. 5 small Holes are drilled into the palm, possibly to attach cordage to cushion the brace or attach lanyard loop to retain. This version of the WARFIST is quite flamboyant compared to the plain, polished original. Highly recommend buying any and all Dalton knuckles you can find.