One of the most unique sap designs put out by a modern holster maker, this Safariland sap stands out in quality and comfort in the hand. The first thing I notice when I see the sap is the bowling pin shape - a slim "handle", narrow "waist" and broad, substantial striking "head". The second feature is the thickness of the sap - roughly 3/4" or 18mm - but it is hard to tell how many leather plies as the edge is so burnished and smooth it is difficult to make out the layers. The edge is gorgeous. The wide width makes for a very stiff flex - there is not much flex at all. Difficult to know the inner frame - the spring is unknown as is the size of the weighted head. For striking, the edge makes for a brutal, concentrated club-like impact rather than the "cutting" edge of a thinner sap. The broad, flat face of the head would distribute the energy of a strike to a greater extent than the edge but would certainly be devastating in the right target spot. Retention is aided by a simple nylon strap sewn into the main body, something you don't see, they are usually leather. The handle has a wonderful "LAW ENFORCEMENT US ONLY" stamp on the face side and "420 SAFARILAND MONROVIA CA" underneath the strap. 

This sap is a pleasure to hold, has amazing heft, is well balanced.  


WIDTH 2.25"

WEIGHT 346 grams